Smashing Heritage

How do we value art? What price do we give it? What importance do we ascribe to it? Surely arts value comes from its expression, its beauty, not its price tag?


The 18th Century vase was meticulously made. Beautiful but flawed, with chips and cracks. If it would be immaculate, it would be deemed to be very valuable. But, in the state that it was in, it’s thought to be worthless. It would also cost more to restore than they could ever sell it for. So we have an antique object that is undoubtedly beautiful, authentic, and true but is essentially valueless in the market.
Valueless as I was when I just “drew” but did not have the temerity to call myself an artist. Worthless as my work was until others started to buy it. But, surely my work was worthwhile before it was purchased? Surely arts value comes from its expression, its beauty, not its price tag? I’ve decided to repair this vase by destroying it. By breaking it and reforming it, as a new work, I will give it value in the modern world. Or should I have left it alone? Should we celebrate the imperfect? What do you think?



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Would you like to participate in our expo? After visiting the artist in her workspace and viewing the wall pieces up close, you will be invited to choose a piece from our ceramics collection, suit up and smash it! The shards will be collected and used to create new intricate pieces of art during Dutch Design Week 2021, 16 – 24 October.

Choose a time that works for you via the link below. Your visit should take 15 – 30 minutes.


No appropriate time slot available? No worries! Salon Veneman is a walk by gallery. You can visit the exposition 24/7.


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September 26, 2021


Performance Art, Wall Art